Plant of the Week: Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple Azalea

Perfecto Mundo Double Purple Azalea blooming in the landscape

The Total Package

Early this year, I wrote about two (well kinda three) amazing pink reblooming azaleas: Perfecto Mundo® Double Pink and Double Dark Pink Azaleas. Today, I want to tell you a bit about an equally amazing reblooming azalea in the Perfecto Mundo® series: Perfecto Mundo® Double Dark Purple

Old-fashioned azaleas bloom once in spring, and then they’re done. Conventional reblooming azaleas flower a bit in spring but really only bloom well in fall. This is where the Perfecto Mundo® series comes in. Selected for their excellent spring and fall bloom, Perfecto Mundo® Azaleas bring an abundance of saturated flowers for months rather than just weeks. 

Close up of Perfecto Mundo Double Purple azalea's blooms covered in drops of water

Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple is covered in a flush of showy double purple flowers in spring; it then goes into a rest period before putting on another stunning show from mid/late summer into fall. The vibrant purple flowers pair beautifully with the handsome evergreen foliage. 

This stunning shrub has a tidy, dense habit growing to just 2.5-3’ tall and 3-4’ wide, fitting beautifully into many gardens. Use it in a mass planting, in a border planting, as a low hedge, or even in a container! Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple Azalea is best grown in part sun (filtered light all day is an ideal situation), but it can be grown in full sun if it is mulched and on irrigation. It is a warm climate shrub suited for USDA zones 6b-9. 

Pruning isn’t necessary, but you can prune or trim Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple Azalea after its spring bloom to encourage new growth and more abundant rebloom.

Perfecto Mundo

The reblooming azaleas in the Perfecto Mundo® series are truly the total package.

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