Plant of the Week: PERFECTO MUNDO EPIC PINK™ , EPIC CORAL™ Azaleas

Go ahead, channel your favorite sports broadcaster, and shout, “It’s going to be epic!”

Kind of fun, right?

I’m talking about azaleas, not a ballgame, which makes it even more fun. After all, if a regular azalea is impressive in spring, an epic azalea will be really fabulous. That’s exactly what our two new Perfecto Mundo Epic™ varieties are. See for yourself in this video!

The plants themselves are a little bigger than other varieties, 3-4′ tall and 3-5′ wide. But it’s the blooms that are really epic. They can be 3″ across, even on a liner!

These are new to garden centers for NEXT year, but you may be able to find some online this year if you’re persistent. There are two varieties of Perfecto Mundo Epic™ azaleas: Perfecto Mundo Epic Pink™ (left) and Perfecto Mundo Epic Coral™ (right).

Both have huge flowers and the strong production performance to back up the claim of being epic.

Like the other Perfecto Mundo® varieties, these plants were selected for their extended bloom times. They flower in spring-like traditional azaleas and then bloom again from later summer into fall. They flower for weeks longer than other varieties.

They have pretty good cold hardiness, too, growing in USDA 6-9.

More opportunities to use your sportscaster’s voice:


Shrub Madness!

And you can be a part of it!

If you haven’t already, here’s how to sign up for Shrub Madness 2022. Prediction mode (where you can register your picks) goes through March 6, and then it’s game on.

Remember, the winner gets an epic trip to the Spring Meadow Nursery trial gardens!

Spring Meadow Nursery trial and display gardens

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