Plant of the Week: Pillow Talk® Gardenia

A bloom and buds on Pillow Talk Gardenia

Sleepless Beauty

It’s sleepy season. The days are shorter and gloomier, and while humans have no need to hibernate during the winter, the darkness that falls earlier in the day may make you feel sleepier than usual. The plant of the week this week is a gardenia that doesn’t sleep on the job: Pillow Talk® Gardenia; its evergreen foliage works hard all year long. 

Close up of a bloom on Pillow Talk Gardenia

Pillow Talk® Gardenia’s shiny evergreen foliage is joined by elegant white blooms in spring. The abundance of large double blooms fills the air with a delightfully spicy fragrance. It grows in a dense dark green mound with a wider-than-tall habit at 3-5’ tall and 4-7’ wide. A perfect size for foundation plantings and other mass plantings. 

This beauty is a warm climate shrub suited for USDA zones 7-10. It does well in containers and thrives in full sun (it will do well in areas with a minimum of four hours of direct sun), looking fresh even in Florida’s sun. If you need even more reasons to love it, Pillow Talk® Gardenia is also deer-resistant and has excellent heat tolerance. It does enjoy moist soil, so it benefits from a layer of mulch.

Pruning is rarely needed, as Pillow Talk® Gardenia flowers on old wood. You can cut out dead wood in the spring and trim it to shape after flowering if required. 

The Holiday Season

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