Plant of the Week: PINK MINK® Clematis

A heavily blooming Pink Mink clematis

Climb to New Heights With Clematis

Do you have a fence, pergola, or trellis that’s in need of a vine? Clematis is a good choice, and a Proven Winners ColorChoice clematis is an excellent choice, as they have been selected for their beauty, ease of care, and disease resistance. I’m going to tell you about Pink Mink® clematis (Clematis) today.

A close up of a two toned pink bloom on Pink Mink Clematis

Pink Mink® sports an abundance of two-toned pink bell-shaped flowers in early summer and continues to bloom through the season to early fall. It will climb pretty much any structure you train it to, creating a wall of pink-on-pink flowers no matter where you use it.

As with all clematis, it’s important to plant Pink Mink® in the right conditions. Clematis thrive with their vines in the sun and their roots in the shade, which can be achieved with surrounding plants or a good layer of mulch over the roots. Pink Mink® grows to 9-10’ tall and 6-8’ wide and is suited for USDA zones 4-9. 

One thing that often confuses people about clematis is whether, how, and when to prune them.  That really comes down to whether they flower on old wood or new wood, but Proven Winners ColorChoice clematis are actually quite easy to prune as they flower on both old and new wood. You just need to prune hard to 18-24” in early spring. This ensures that the vine will be covered in flowers throughout the plant instead of just flowering at the top.

Garden Color Palette

A color wheel made with plants that represent each color

Whether you have an established garden or you’re just starting one, it’s never too late to think about a garden color scheme. Choosing a color palette for your garden can make it pleasing to the eye aesthetically and make it easier to plan by narrowing down your plant choices. Check out Kristina’s “Picking the Right Garden Color Scheme” blog, where she walks through different ways you can use the color wheel to plan a garden.

I’m a sucker for yellow and purple in the garden! If you have a color combo that you gravitate to in the garden, share it in the comments below! And in the end, whatever puts a smile on your face is the right color palette for you!

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