Plant of the Week: PINK SNOW SHOWERS™ Weeping cherry tree

I’m a sucker for any tourist attraction focused on plants. Not because I really want to be part of a tour group but because I love it when people use their precious free time to appreciate the natural world.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is in peak bloom right now and is a gentle reminder of the power of plants and how they can represent peace. There’s a Bloom Cam set up, so you can take a minute right now to see how things look around the Tidal Basin.

Gardeners who would like to have a cherry blossom festival of their own will enjoy Pink Snow Showers™ weeping cherry.

Its elegant arching branches are covered with fluffy pink blossoms in spring. What a glorious specimen for a landscape! The dark green foliage shows good resistance to shot hole disease, so it’s attractive throughout the season.

Pink Snow Showers™ Prunus is hardy in USDA 4-8 and grows 35′ tall and 25-30′ wide. Looking for a retailer? Try Fast Growing Trees.

Spring is here, and so are new Proven Winners ColorChoice ads!

Check out our awesome new ad that will be running on streaming TV and Hulu this spring! It’s already running in the South and Southeast and will start in other regions as spring weather creeps north.

You might also hear the audio-only version when you stream radio stations and podcasts. What a fun way to usher in spring!

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