Plant of the Week: Proud Berry® Coral Berry

Welcome to September!

As summer starts to wind down, we’ll start to welcome fall color, flannel everything, and pumpkin spice (this has already started), and we may even start to feel some cooler weather. Fall is actually my favorite season. While spring is an absolute delight, I’m a sucker for the cool sweater weather and striking fall color. I think every beautiful spring and summer garden should be followed by an equally stunning fall garden. Check out our fall color collection to find some shrubs that can add fall interest to your landscape. The great thing is many of these shrubs have multiple seasons of interest! 

Today’s plant of the week doesn’t have the classic fall-colored foliage, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have fall interest. 

Berry Beautiful!

Proud Berry® Symphoricarpos is a fabulous coral berry with handsome, rounded, bluish-green leaves all season and then a profusion of bright pink berries in late summer and fall. With such an outstanding berry display, this native plant is perfect for mass plantings, and it makes a great addition to a cutting garden. Just imagine these vibrant berries in your fall arrangements!

Close up of a cluster of pink berries on Proud Berry Coral Berry

Proud Berry® Coral Berry will fill your garden with big, gorgeous pink berries that are guaranteed to turn the heads of passersby. In Summer, Proud Berry® sports charming bell-shaped flowers that then develop into those large dark pink berries in fall. The color only intensifies as the cold weather rolls in.

While Symphoricarpos berries may look delightful, and you may be tempted to sample them, they are not edible for humans. But don’t worry, when the berries soften in mid-to-late winter, birds will happily gobble them up. 

As pretty as it is, this native plant is also amazingly hardy! Proud Berry® Coral Berry grows in full sun or partial shade and is deer-resistant. It gets 3-4′ tall and wide and is hardy in USDA Zones 3-7.

For the best fruit display, you’ll want to cut it back to about half its total height in early spring/late winter every year. Check out the video below, where Stacey shows you how to keep your Proud Berry® Coral Berry in tip-top shape. 

I hope you have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!

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