Plant of the Week: Pugster Periwinkle® Butterfly Bush

A monarch butterfly on a Pugster Periwinkle butterfly bush flower

Compact Size, Big Impact

This week’s plant of the week sports big blooms on a small plant. Its compact habit makes it a perfect addition to really any garden! It looks great as a low hedge, at the edge of walkways, in containers, and more. No matter where you put this little shrub, it is sure to attract pollinators galore. The shrub I’m talking about is Pugster Periwinkle® Butterfly Bush

Close up of a large purple bloom on Pugster Periwinkle buddleia

In summer, Pugster Periwinkle® boasts full-sized cool purple blooms on thick, sturdy stems. The abundance of big bright blooms lasts from summer to frost, giving you and the butterflies plenty of time to enjoy the delightful show. 

Pugster Periwinkle® Butterfly Bush grows to just 2’ tall and wide and is hardy in USDA zones 5-9. Like all butterfly bushes, this beauty wants lots of sun; at least six hours of direct sun exposure will ensure a great flower display. Once established, Pugster Periwinkle® Butterfly Bush is very drought tolerant, and it’s deer resistant. 

Deadheading and Pruning

Pugster® Butterfly Bushes don’t require deadheading to ensure continuous bloom, but they do benefit from pruning in spring when new growth is starting to emerge. Remove about ½ to ⅔ of the height and width, making your cuts just about ¼ of an inch above a set of healthy buds. 

While deadheading isn’t required, some gardeners prefer the look of a deadheaded butterfly bush. If this is you, check out the video below, where Kristina walks you through how to deadhead your butterfly bush. 

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