Plant of the Week: PUGSTER PINKER™ Butterfly bush

January is the month for self-improvement. Many people embark on an exercise program or new eating plan. Couple that trend with a universal instinct to get as far away as possible from 2020, and we’ve got plenty of reasons to try something new and improved.

And here you go: Pugster Pinker™ Buddleia.

It’s like the original Pugstsprier Pink® Buddleia, only pinker. Clever name, eh?

It’s a pretty simple comparison: same size, same habit, same really big flowers, only Pugster Pinker™ butterfly bush has notably deeper and richer pink color.

If you’re not growing Pugster Pink®, I’d say give Pinker a try. If you’re already growing Pugster Pink®, add Pugster Pinker™ near it, and you’ve got a new, subtle color combo for your garden.

Whatever color you plant, you’ll get plenty of fragrant blooms that attract butterflies. It’s a really nice container plant, too. The thick stems give it a bit more winter hardiness than other dwarf butterfly bush.

It is hardy in USDA 5-9 and will want full sun and well-drained soil. True to the Pugster® line, Pugster Pinker™ is dwarf, growing to about 2′ tall and 2.5′ wide.

Meet the breeder!

Pugster Pinker™ Buddleia was developed by our own Megan Mathey. If you’d like to learn more about Megan’s work, you are welcome to attend the free Proven Winners Virtual Landscape Roadshow. It starts on February 9, and part two is on the 11th. It’s geared toward landscapers, but garden communicators of all kinds can learn something new and useful for their 2021 content calendars. We’ve got an interview with Megan and some behind-the-scenes looks at our plant breeding at Spring Meadow Nursery, the home of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® shrubs. See you there!

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