Plant of the Week: PURPLE PILLAR® Rose of Sharon

The end of January is in sight – now is when you probably have an idea if those New Year’s resolutions are going to stick as a permanent lifestyle change or if they were just an excuse to buy some new sneakers.

What if I told you that you could get lean without upending your meal planning or signing your life over to the Peloton disciples? Here is an easy way to get lean in 2022:

  • Lean plants

Lean plants are popular. They can be used to screen a backyard in a crowded subdivision or grown as a container plant on a patio. Purple Pillar® Hibiscus syriacus does this, plus has the adaptability we expect of a rose of Sharon.

Heat, drought, poor soil – it’s no problem for this long-blooming plant.

With a wide hardiness zone, down to USDA zone 5 and heat tolerant to zone 9, Purple Pillar Hibiscus fits in a lot of spaces and places, growing 10-16′ tall – but only 2-3′ wide! Wow!

Purple Pillar® rose of Sharon is also an award winner! Winner of the Green Thumb Award and recipient of a Silver Medal at the Netherlands’ Plantarium.

Long blooming, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, deer resistant, and attracts pollinators – this plant is just waiting for your garden.

Until next week…stay warm!

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