Plant of the Week: QUICK FIRE FAB® Panicle hydrangea

Spring can’t come soon enough…

We know this spring is going to be a crazy one in the green industry, but we’re still ready for it to get here. And this being the last week of February, it seems like it’s within reach.

Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Quick Fire Fab® is a new hydrangea that has the same early bloom time as the original Quick Fire® but with full panicles of densely-packed cruciform-shaped flowers rather than lacy ones.

Sure, these plants bloom more in summer than spring, but they’re still quite a lot earlier than other varieties. Every additional week with hydrangea flowers is a bonus!

Quick Fire Fab® starts out with lime-cream flowers that quickly develop watermelon pink tones at the base. The pink color progresses up the panicle for a striking two-toned look. Unlike some other bi-colored hydrangeas, this one has really sturdy stems that don’t flop.

Think of it as having the early bloom of Quick Fire, the bloom color of Pinky Winky®, and the panicle shape of ‘Limelight‘ – how’s that for some horticultural name-dropping?

This is a larger variety: it will grow 6-8′ tall and 5-6′ wide. It is hardy in USDA 3-8.

Want more panicle hydrangea information?

You’ve come to the right place.

This video will give you an in-depth look at Quick Fire Fab®; if you want some more advice on picking out hydrangea varieties, we have a couple more videos to help:

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And finally:

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