Plant of the Week: RED PILLAR® Rose of Sharon

Red Pillar® Rose of Sharon blooming in a landscape

Low-maintenance, Tough, And Beautiful

Looking for that tropical feeling in a not-so-tropical climate? Rose of Sharon will give you that vibe without the need to be in a climate that supports tropical plants. The PILLAR® series from Proven Winners® ColorChoice® includes three gorgeous roses of Sharon with unique upright habits and low maintenance care. I’m going to be talking about Red Pillar® rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) today.

Close up of a two-toned pink and dark red bloom of Red Pillar Rose of Sharon

Red Pillar® sports two-toned pink and dark red blooms with creamy white stamen at the center, giving the blooms a bullseye-like look. The rich coloring is sure to attract bees and hummingbirds galore (as well as human onlookers). Not only is this shrub beautiful, but it’s also incredibly tough, with great deer resistance and drought, heat, and salt tolerance.

At 10-16’ tall and 4-5’ wide, Red Pillar® makes a great specimen, or when planted in a group, it makes a stunning hedge or screening plant. This is a sun-loving shrub that thrives in sites that get at least six hours of sun a day; flowering will not be as prolific in anything less than six hours of direct sun. It’s suited for USDA zones 5-9. 

Regular pruning is not necessary, as Red Pillar® naturally maintains a graceful, upright habit. If any shaping is desired, you can do so in the early spring. Rose of Sharon typically has a high nutrient need, so it will benefit from the application of fertilizer each spring after the soil has thawed.

Why Aren’t My Rose of Sharon Buds Blooming?

They may not be flower buds! If you have a rose of Sharon that seemingly has a bunch of flower buds (in late summer or fall) that just won’t open, you may actually be seeing its seed heads, which look a lot like buds. Check out the video below, where Kristina walks you through how to tell the difference between rose of Sharon flower buds and seed heads.

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