Plant of the Week: REMINISCENT™ Coral Rose

March is done. You know what that means – spring just got real.

Sometimes the end goal can get lost in the mad rush to get everything done. April is sometimes like a game of Whack-A-Mole at a nursery. That can be literal as well as figurative.

Remember, we’re in it to get people the plants they want and need, and often those wants and needs are driven by fond memories. Maybe it’s the lilacs outside a childhood home or a garden they enjoyed on vacation. Maybe it’s a classic rose garden filled with the scent and beauty of glorious, colorful blooms. Reminiscent roses are unabashedly romantic varieties that are bound to remind consumers of what a garden should be.

As the name suggests, Reminiscent Coral rose has a lovely scent. It’s been great that rose breeders have focused for so long on disease resistance (it’s pretty good on that, too), but somehow fragrance got sidelined for a while. Well, now it’s back!

This is one of three new roses to come from the outstanding Pheno Geno breeding program in Serbia. All are hardy in USDA 4-9 and have an upright habit suitable for either a specimen planting or a low hedge.

Reminiscent Coral grows 2-3.5′ tall and 2′ wide and will want full sun. They will be available in garden centers in 2023.

April Fools’ Day

Whether you love or hate it, playing practical jokes and hoaxes is common on this day. If you’re good at it or know an easy mark, you can play a joke or trick on someone and yell “April fools” for fun. At least it’s fun for you. The recipient of the joke is considered the “April Fool.” I personally try to keep it very light if I play a prank at all. We have enough shocks in our lives these days, no need to manufacture them.

Here’s something that isn’t a prank…
If you’ve actually read all the way to the bottom of this email, I’ll send you a shrub*. That’s right! Respond before April Fool’s Day 2022 is over, and I’ll send you a shrub that will fit your gardening lifestyle. What a great way to usher in spring…no fooling! – Natalie

*Offer expires 11:59 PM EDT, April 1, 2022.

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