Plant of the Week: REMINISCENT® Crema Rose

Hopefully, you’re getting ready to welcome friends and family to your home over the next two months. It sure would be nice to have a beautiful Reminiscent® Crema rose to greet them at the front door.

But sadly, that’s not an option for most of us in November and December. We’ll have to content ourselves with whipped cream and pie for now and dream of Reminiscent® roses for next spring.

And what a wonderful dream they are! Full petal counts, fragrance, and garden performance are the hallmarks of this romantic series. If your customers want to have the classic English rose garden they see in magazines but don’t want to fuss with temperamental plants, these are the roses you need.

Reminiscent® Crema rose has creamy white blooms with just a touch of yellow. It’s a color that will complement almost any design. Additionally, this reblooming rose series features Reminiscent Coral and Reminiscent Pink, with more bloom colors on the horizon.

They are hardy in USDA 4-9 and grow 1.5-3′ tall and 2′ wide. Remember, roses need full sun!

SO last year…

But in the best possible way!

Two members of our marketing team, Shannon Downey and Adriana Robinson, received a Gold Medal from GardenComm. This cover image of Reminiscent® Pink rose is just as appealing now as it was on the cover of the 2021-2022 Spring Meadow Nursery catalog!

This national award recognizes individuals and companies who achieve the highest levels of talent and professionalism in garden communications. The 2022 competition had more than 165 entries in 67 categories. Recipients of the Gold Medal represent the best in their category.

Of the entry, the GardenComm judges said, “This is a stunningly beautiful photo of a rose blossom; well composed and softly lit. The subject itself is a hero with no obvious flaws.”

Also, “The three blossom composition is strong, with the sharply focused foreground flower drawing and holding my eye. The soft green background nicely compliments the pink of the blossoms.”

Well done, Adriana and Shannon!

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