Plant of the Week: REMINISCENT™ Pink Rose

Is it a romance novel?

Some people swoon over costume dramas or rugged adventure stories. But we know you – you love plants!

Still, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the 2021-2022 Spring Meadow Nursery catalog is a romance novella. Our cover features the lovely Reminiscent™ Pink rose.

This is a very fragrant selection with the high petal count that evokes secret gardens and forbidden romances. But there’s nothing forbidding you from enjoying this new rose – as long as you can be patient! This rose will be available at retail in 2023…but if you are on my garden writer list, there may be some samples of the new Reminiscent rose series going out as early as next spring!

Reminiscent Pink is just one of three colors in the Reminiscent rose series, which also includes Reminiscent™ Coral and Reminiscent™ Crema. All have big, full flowers and strong production performance with especially clean foliage.

If you’ve been frustrated by the lack of English romantic-style roses on the market, these plants are the answer.

Reminiscent Pink is the largest of the series, growing 3-4′ tall and 2′ wide. It has a strong, sweet fragrance to add to its classic appeal. Like all roses, it will want full sun. It’s also very hardy, down to USDA zone 4, and heat tolerant to zone 9.

New catalog!

Yes, the new Spring Meadow Nursery catalog is out! We don’t generally send these to non-customers, but if you’d like a sneak peek of what’s coming down the line in new and interesting shrubs, you can enjoy this digital version. The catalog includes the entire new rose series as well.

If you’re at the 2021 American Rose Society National Convention & Rose Show this weekend, stop and see me at my vendor table! I’ll have booklets with the new rose varieties featured, plus some fun gifts. Hope to see you in Milwaukee. – Natalie

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