Plant of the Week: RINGO® Double Pink Rose

The original Ringo® rose is very popular, and so is Ringo All-Star™. We introduced two more Ringo® varieties this year: Rise Up™ Ringo® and this beauty – Ringo® Double Pink

The other Ringo® selections are in the yellow-orange part of the rainbow, but this is a very pretty pure pink color with the distinctive Ringo® red eye. It’s a semi-double flower, so it is extra fluffy.

Like all roses, plant it in full sun for best performance. It is hardy in USDA 4-8 and grows 2-3′ tall and wide.


Ringo® Double Pink rose was developed by Chris Warner, a prolific rose breeder whose selections always have outstanding disease resistance. So this plant has excellent black spot resistance. Sorry, there aren’t any roses resistant to rose-rosette, so please continue to use good cultural practices with all roses.

What to plant – and what not to plant – in the fall

As you start to feel a break from the consistent heat of summer, take a look around your garden. You may see flowering shrubs like roses setting a round of late-summer buds, or your panicle hydrangea blooms are turning pink. The colors of autumn will soon begin to emerge in deciduous shrubs and trees, creating a whole new garden palette.

When you’re enjoying your end-of-season garden, remember that cooling autumnal temperatures present a prime opportunity to move plants or put new ones in. But not every shrub will thrive when planted in the fall. To learn more about what to plant (and what not to plant) in autumn, visit my latest article on GardenSMART!

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