Plant of the Week: Rise Up Emberays™ Climbing Rose

Close up of the orange and yellow blooms of Rise Up Emberays Climbing Rose

Continuous Blazing Color

If you have a spot in your garden that is just asking for a trellis or you’re looking for a shrub that truly makes a statement, Rise Up Emberays™ Climbing Rose may just be the perfect plant for your space with its vibrant blooms and versatility in the landscape. 

Rise Up Emberays™ Climbing Rose’s big blooms emerge in early summer and continue their beautiful show all summer long and even into fall. The orange/pink flowers with vibrant yellow centers pop against the handsome green foliage; the vibrancy is sure to catch the eye of passersby. 

Rise Up Emberays Climbing Rose climbing a trellis in front of a house

This rose is part of a series we call “mini-climbers” because it can be grown as a small-scale climber or a shrub, depending on how it is pruned or trained. The Rise Up® series includes Rise Up Amberness®, Rise Up Lilac Days®, and Rise Up® Ringo®; each one is fragrant and has stunning color that shines in the garden. 

Rise Up Emberays™ Climbing Rose grows to 3-5’ tall and 2-3’ wide. It thrives in full sun and is hardy in USDA Zones 5-8. 

Need more reasons to love Rise Up Emberays™? Well, this beautiful rose is pollinator-friendly, has great disease resistance, and makes an excellent cut flower.  

It’s best to prune in early spring, removing weak branches and ⅓ of the height and width of the rose, cutting just about ¼ of an inch above a bud. 

How to Train a Climbing Rose

Unlike vines or ivy, climbing roses don’t actually climb without your help. In order to encourage that climbing rose look, you’ll have to use wire or plant ties to help the rose out a bit. Check out the video below, where Kristina shows you how to plant and train a climbing rose. 

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  1. Hello What a beautiful colors roses , where kan I ordered I really love it to get in my garden.

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