Plant of the Week: SCENTARA PURA® Lilac

So, spring 2021.

It will be here before you know it. I know it feels as if 2020 will never end. But it will, and when we turn the corner into 2021, spring will be waiting there.

For many of us, spring means lilacs. It’s a traditional favorite that all of those hipsters moving to the suburbs will want in their yards. The good thing about this variety, Scentara Pura® lilac, is that it’s a smaller variety that grows 4-6′ tall and wide. That’s big enough to enjoy in a mixed border but not overwhelming in a residential yard.

A reasonable size isn’t the only thing Scentara Pura® has going for it. Its breeding includes some low-chill bloodlines so that folks in warmer climates can enjoy it, as well as people in the snow belt. Good resistance to powdery mildew helps, too. It will grow in USDA 2-8. For best results, grow it in full sun and in an area with good air circulation. That’s good advice for any lilac.

This variety has purple flowers with a lovely fragrance. It should be pruned immediately after flowering so that it can set flower buds for the following year.

More Spring Planning

Taking care of the communications part of your business for next year is vital. Proven Winners® has a series of webinars planned for this fall. It’s not just great content for retailers but also really useful for garden communicators to see what will be important to garden centers and the people who shop there next spring. You never know where you might get your next great content idea! And best of all…they’re free.

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