Plant of the week: SKY DEW™ Gold Blueberry

The sweet spot…

We’re halfway through September, and it’s starting to show in the landscape. There are hints of fall color appearing in certain trees, and the other day I passed a truck loaded with freshly picked apples.

Yet summer isn’t quite done. It’s still warm enough for shorts, and the seasonal ice cream stands continue to tempt me with frosty treats. Best of all, there are still some fresh local blueberries to be had.

Our new blueberry variety Sky Dew™ Gold perfectly captures this wonderful space in the calendar.

Yes, it’s a blueberry, but we don’t recommend it for someone wanting significant fruit production. Its main appeal is ornamental: the appealing yellow summer leaves turn orange and red in fall.

The light crop of blue fruit is ornamental (and tasty) but remember not to sell this to someone who wants a freezer full of blueberries each year. The white spring flowers are lovely, too. Really, this is a charming plant with many great ornamental qualities, including a smaller size at just 2-4′.

If you’re in an area with acidic soil, get rid of those burning bushes and try this for a change. Just make sure it has plenty of sun, and you’re in USDA 4-8. Available late next season via online sales or at your local retailer in 2023.

Fall is a great time to plant

You know it, I know it, and maybe a lot of your followers know it, too. But they need a reminder.

Sure, it’s not the giddy celebration that is spring, but fall is the time when folks make good decisions about their landscapes. Maybe we need to market it as such? “Fall – when smart people garden!”

After all, they have had all season to see where their yards are missing something and pick out the right plant for the space. Even better for lazy people like me, when you plant in the fall, things are a lot more forgiving with regard to watering. Time it right, and you can go on a weeklong leaf-peeping road trip and let the fall rainwater in your new plantings.

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