Plant of the Week: SONIC BLOOM® Pure Pink Weigela

Sonic Spring Bloom!

It’s been an unusual week for February in Michigan. From warm and sunny to cold and snowy, the weather can’t seem to make up its mind. I’ve had a hard time deciding if I should wear my winter jacket or if I’ll be fine with a sweatshirt (today is definitely a winter coat day). The odd sunny day has me eager for spring!

Spring flowers will begin blooming in no time! One plant I’m looking forward to seeing blanketed in flowers in late spring is Sonic Bloom® Pure Pink weigela.

Sonic Bloom® Weigela are very rewarding plants in more ways than one. They’re pretty, of course, and they’re really easy to grow.

And they rebloom, so everyone has the chance to enjoy the flowers multiple times throughout the year. It’s not just people who like the flowers: butterflies and hummingbirds like them, too.

Sonic Bloom® Weigela is a series that includes Sonic Bloom® Pink, Pearl, Red, and Pure Pink.

While the other weigela in the series have a more rounded habit, Sonic Bloom® Pure Pink has an upright habit, so it is a good choice for hedging.

Like the rest in the series, it’s hardy in USDA Zones 4-8 and will get about 5′ tall. You’ll want to put it in full sun.

Weigela have good deer resistance and will also tolerate clay soil. They’re more than just a pretty face!


Knowing when to prune a reblooming plant can be tricky. The Sonic Bloom® weigela series doesn’t necessarily need to be trimmed in spring in order to rebloom (many rebloomers will flower again without trimming it in spring), but if you’d like to shape it or give it a neater look, it can be trimmed after the spring bloom. It may go through a rest period before it reblooms. Just remember not to prune them in late winter.

Check out this previous post for a more in-depth explanation of pruning reblooming weigela.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week with another shrub!

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