Plant of the Week: SONIC BLOOM® Red Weigela

The poll results are in – and it seems many of you have a preference for red flowers (see results at bottom). Azaleas aren’t the only plant that comes in a wide range of colors; we have some pretty fabulous reblooming Weigela, too, including a rich crimson variety: *Sonic Bloom® Red (below left).

The Sonic Bloom® Weigela are hardy in USDA 4-8 and will grow best in full sun. Most grow about 4-5′ tall and wide, although Sonic Bloom® Pure Pink (above right) is a somewhat upright plant that gets 3-5′ tall.

Like many of our varieties, the Sonic Bloom® plants were selected for their strong rebloom. That’s great for gardeners, obviously, because who doesn’t want more flowers in their garden?

Weigela florida has more to offer, of course. It’s a fast-growing plant that’s relatively deer-resistant and will tolerate clay soils. Hummingbirds go bananas for it, too.

Survey says

According to our completely unscientific and statistically invalid survey, your favorite color of azalea is…red! Here’s the breakdown:

• 46% – red
• 21% – purple
• 13% – orange
• 8% – pink
• 8% – white
• 4% – other

My favorite is white, but honestly, I was expecting pink to be the winner. Lucky for you, we have a wonderful new red azalea: Perfecto Mundo® Red. Give it a try, and why not grab another color or two while you’re at it – you may decide you like pink or even white, after all!

*Sonic Bloom is a registered trademark of the Syngenta Group Company.

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