Plant of the Week: SPILLED WINE® Weigela

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Wine…

Spilled wine is normally not a good thing. I’ve spilled wine a few too many times, and I know I’m not alone in that. Why do you think so many stain remover companies use spilled wine as an example of how powerful their product is? I guess I’m lucky I’m a white wine kinda girl. 

So when is spilled wine a good thing? When it’s Spilled Wine® weigela! After all, the magenta color of its flowers looks a lot better on the plant than it does as a stain on your white rug. 

Spilled Wine® is a Good Thing

You may have heard of Wine & Roses® weigela. Well, Spilled Wine® has all the color (a bit darker, actually) of Wine & Roses®, but it’s smaller. It grows wider than it is tall, making this an excellent plant for mass plantings and borders. 

In late spring, the wavy, dark red leaves of Spilled Wine® weigela are dotted with beautiful hot-pink magenta flowers that pollinators will love as much as you do. 

Spilled Wine® weigela is a more vigorous plant with better flowering than its sister Midnight Wine® Weigela. It gets larger at maturity and will fill out a container faster, too.

Spilled Wine® weigela will grow best in full sun. That’s where you will get the best foliage color and most abundant blooms. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-8 and gets 2-3′ tall and 3’ wide.

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is on Sunday! If you’re still looking to get a gift for your mother, grandmother, or special woman in your life, consider getting them a shrub! Don’t get me wrong, cut flowers are beautiful, but just think of all the years of enjoyment a flowering shrub could give your mom. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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