Plant of the Week: SPRING GLORY® Serviceberry

If one were to design a plant for Arbor Day, this might be it.

Spring Glory® serviceberry is a selection of our native Amelanchier canadensis. There’s a strong interest in species native to North America, and a compact (12′ tall, 6-8′ wide) selection means that it can be used in even more situations than the species (15-25′).

This is an adaptable plant that will tolerate many soils, even those that are sometimes wet. We’ve had a lot of rain here in Michigan, and there’s standing water in some places. The Amelanchier don’t mind.

It’s as ornamental as it is practical, with white spring flowers, brilliant fall foliage, and fruit that is appealing to both humans and wildlife. Pollinators love those spring flowers, and it is a host plant for butterflies. Wow! We know trees do a lot for us, but this one is an overachiever.

Spring Glory® will grow in full sun or part shade; it’s an understory tree in the wild, so think of those conditions when planting.

It is hardy in USDA 4-8, so most of North America can enjoy it.

Happy Arbor Day!

It’s truly a day to celebrate

There are lots of holidays: religious, civic, and chamber of commerce observances. All mean something, but Arbor Day is a particularly special one.

There’s the obvious – trees. Trees are great! Anything that celebrates trees is fabulous.

And then there’s this: when you see a tree, you’re seeing that someone years ago cared enough about you to plant it (or leave it where they found it). When you plant a tree, it’s like sending a hug to someone in the future. You may not know them, and the person who planted your current shade-making friend didn’t know you, but it’s proof that we care enough about one another to make the world better.

Also, there’s beer.

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