Plant of the Week: SPRINTER® Boxwood

Three Sprinter boxwoods planted in front of a porch

Sprinting into your landscape!

Boxwoods are landscape classics, but they’re typically pretty slow-growing and often have a distinct smell; Sprinter® boxwood (Buxus microphylla) is about twice as fast-growing as other boxwood varieties, and it doesn’t have the notorious boxwood odor.

Sprinter boxwood with vibrant green evergreen foliage in a landscape

Sprinter® boxwood has bright, glossy evergreen foliage, giving your landscape year-round interest. It naturally grows in a nice squat globe-like shape and fits beautifully in really any garden style. Got an informal garden? Let it grow naturally in a looser, rounded shape. Are formal gardens more your style? Sprinter® can be trimmed into a neat, tidy shape, too! Use it as a low hedge, a border plant, or in a decorative container.

Sprinter® is suited for USDA zones 5-9 and grows to 2-4’ tall and wide. Boxwood is one of the only shrubs that reliably thrives in full sun to full shade. Sprinter® is disease-resistant and remarkably deer-resistant.

Sprinter® doesn’t require pruning to maintain its appealing rounded shape, but it can be trimmed to the desired shape in late spring when new growth has emerged but before it hardens off (avoid cutting thick stems).

Give Sprinter® a good 2-3” layer of shredded bark mulch to conserve moisture and minimize any winter damage. If the weather is particularly dry in autumn, make sure to hand water the shrubs up until the ground freezes to avoid winter drought stress.

Oh deer!

Do you struggle with deer in your garden? They can be a real nuisance, gobbling up some of your favorite plants. You don’t have to sacrifice a beautiful garden to keep deer out. Proven Winners ColorChoice introduced the Deer Proof™ program, which features our most deer-resistant shrubs, including Sprinter®. Look out for the Deer Proof™ logo on containers and tags in the garden center. You can also check out this Deer Resistant Shrubs blog I wrote for more deer-resistant shrub options, as well as some suggestions for keeping deer out of your garden.

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