Plant of the Week: Squeeze Box™ Inkberry Holly

A native, deer-resistant plant with year-round interest? That sounds like a good deal to me. You may be familiar with our inkberry hollies, Gem Box® and Strongbox®; Natalie has written a plant of the week about them. Today, I want to tell you about Squeeze Box™ Inkberry Holly, a new male selection of Ilex glabra

Squeezing its way into your garden

Squeeze Box™ is our new upright inkberry holly. When planted near our female inkberry hollies (Gem Box® or Strongbox®), Squeeze Box™ will act as a pollinator and enable the female varieties to produce small black inkberries, which birds will happily gobble up. 

Close up of the small green foliage of Squeeze Box inkberry holly

But that’s not all Squeeze Box™ has to offer; it is also a handsome landscape plant and a great replacement for boxwood. Its narrow, upright, pyramidal habit makes it a great choice for hedges or as a specimen plant. The tiny, glossy green foliage is evergreen, allowing you to enjoy its beauty all year long. 

Squeeze Box™ inkberry holly grows 4-6’ tall and 2-3’ wide. It will tolerate shade, but for the best foliage color and density, plant this beauty in full to part sun. If you have a wet site that you’ve been looking to fill, this might just be the perfect plant, as inkberry holly likes a consistently moist environment. Like other inkberries, Squeeze Box™ is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9. 

Because Squeeze Box™ inkberry holly grows in a naturally dense habit, it requires very little pruning. If you’d like to have an extra-tidy look, it can be trimmed in late spring.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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