Plant of the Week: Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon

Star Power

The plant of the week this week is sure to be a star in any garden or landscape it is a part of. This fun and detailed shrub is also amazingly durable. I’m talking about the newest addition to the Chiffon® Rose of Sharon series, Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon

Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon is a stunner in the garden. Its big pure white blooms are decorated with pink and red veins, which highlight their gorgeous ruffled doubled centers. And Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon gives you plenty of time to enjoy its beautiful blooms as it flowers earlier and for longer than others. 

Close up of a bee on a Starblast Chiffon Rose of Sharon bloom

Not only does this shrub look dazzling, but it’s also a stellar performer in tough environments. It does well with drought, heat, and really any soil (as long as it’s well-drained). Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon’s big white blooms are appealing to pollinators while also being deer resistant. 

Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon thrives in full sun. It grows to 8-12’ tall and 5-8’ wide and is hardy in USDA Zones 5-9. 

There is no need to regularly prune Starblast Chiffon™ Rose of Sharon as it maintains an upright habit on its own. If you want to trim or shape it at all, do so in early spring. 

The Chiffon® Series

Starblast Chiffon™ is just one of six roses of sharon in the Chiffon® series. If Starblast Chiffon™ isn’t your cup of tea, check out Blue Chiffon®, Dark Lavender Chiffon®, Magenta Chiffon®, Pink Chiffon®, or White Chiffon®. There is sure to be one that catches your attention. 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and I’ll be back next week to share another great shrub with you!

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