Plant of the Week: STAY CLASSY™ Purple Leaf Sand Cherry

Close up of small white flowers on Stay Classy purple leaf sand cherry

The Classy Choice

Purple leaf sand cherries are a landscape staple, but at the conventional 7-10’ tall and 5-8’ wide, they are a bit too big for many gardens. Stay Classy™ purple leaf sand cherry (Prunus × cistena) is a perfect compact choice if you want this landscape classic at only half the size as it matures to 3-4’ tall and 4’ wide.

Stay Classy purple leaf sand cherry with red-purple foliage in the landscape

Stay Classy™ is a great plant to add a touch of drama wherever you decide to plant it. Its deep, rosy purple foliage makes a statement without being too intense or creating that “black hole” look in the garden. While the foliage is the main show for Stay Classy™, in spring, darling little white flowers dot the branches, contrasting stunningly with the deep foliage.

This tough little shrub thrives in full to part sun and grows well in any well-drained soil. It’s hardy in USDA zones 2-8, is drought tolerant, and it matures quickly. 

Stay Classy™ maintains a compact habit naturally, so little to no maintenance is required to keep this handsome shrub looking its best. If you would like to shape it, it’s best to do so after it flowers in spring. 

Why isn’t my shrub flowering?

When planting a flowering shrub, we expect it to–well flower, so when the blooms just aren’t there, it can be pretty frustrating. There are a number of possible issues that can cause a shrub not to produce blooms, from animal interference to nutrient deficiencies. Kristina goes over some of the problems your shrub may be having and provides a solution to each in her “Why isn’t my shrub flowering?” blog. If none of these problems seem to fit your situation, send us a message here with a photo of your garden so we can help you figure out what may be causing your shrub to not flower.

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