Plant of the Week: STEADY EDDY™ Viburnum

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum is a staple plant for many gardeners and professional landscapers. After all, it’s a rugged choice that will hold up against a lot of challenges, including deer and some drought (once established).

‘Summer Snowflake’ has been a popular choice for years because of its ability to bloom both in spring and then off and on through the summer. It’s a great idea, but we thought it could use some improvement.

That’s where Steady Eddy™ comes in: it simply blooms better. Steady Eddy has far better repeat blooming throughout the summer than any other variety. Check out the comparison picture below.

Summer Snowflake and Steady Eddy in a greenhouse

Steady Eddy grows 4-5′ tall and wide, so it’s a good size for foundation plantings, mass plantings, or as part of a mixed border.

You’ll enjoy the flowers throughout the summer, and so will the butterflies. Songbirds are attracted to the fruit in fall, while you’ll appreciate the handsome burgundy fall foliage.

This plant is hardy in USDA 5-8 and grows in full sun or part shade.

Aw Shucks…

So proud to say that my blog site, received a Silver Media Award from GardenComm!

Kudos also to Spring Meadow Landscape Program Manager Jane Beggs-Joles, who generously allows me to edit her email newsletter content for our weekly consumer-facing posts.

Now on to the Gold Awards…but there is some hefty competition. I know it sounds trite to say I’m just honored to be considered alongside these bloggers, but I am! With this group, if one of them doesn’t snag the Gold, I’ll eat my socks.

  • Leesa Lawson’s thoughts about life, and gardening, on her blog, Cheaper than Psychotherapy.
  • Savvy Gardening, with Niki Jabbour, Tara Nolan, and Jessica Walliser, which covers everything from insects to edibles.
  • And Randy Schultz’s Home Garden and Homestead blog, a mixed site of home tips, food and drink, and of course, gardening.

One more Silver to crow about! A video nom!

5 Tips for Growing Panicle Hydrangeas in the South with the fantastic Dr. Judson LeCompte, filmed by our very talented videographer, Adriana Robinson. I’m feeling a little “top of the pedestal” vibe on this one. We shall see…

The GardenComm conference is next week. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. – Natalie

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