Plant of the Week: SUNNY BOULEVARD® St. John’s-Wort

We’re halfway through June, and you know what that means: July is will be here in the blink of an eye. July is a fun month – it starts with a bang with Canada Day, quickly followed by the U.S. Fourth of July holiday.

Not to be outdone, the plant world gives us little fireworks in the blooms of St. John’s-Wort. This durable plant starts blooming in July and can continue flowering into September. Sunny Boulevard® St. John’s-Wort (Hypericum) was selected for its exceptionally long bloom time.

This is a great choice for anyone who wants a native, low-maintenance plant with lots of summer color. It just keeps going and going throughout the summer, delighting both people and the pollinators that visit it.

It does well in poor, rocky soils but will also grow in areas with a bit of moisture. You will want to put it in full sun. As a bonus, it’s not typically damaged by deer browsing.

Sunny Boulevard® will get 2-3′ tall and wide and grows in USDA 4-8.

We have a winner! No, three winners!

We’re very happy to announce that three of our Proven Winners® ColorChoice® varieties were recently designated 2020 Blue Ribbon™ winners at the University of California Plant Irrigation Trials™ at UC Davis.

Sunny Boulevard® Hypericum was one of them. The other two are Juke Box® xPyracomeles and Pugster Blue® Buddleia.

This is great news not just for California nursery people but anyone who is growing, selling, or writing about plants in an arid climate. These are varieties that are proven to look good with minimal water so that consumers will enjoy a beautiful landscape even when water is scarce.

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