Plant of the Week: SWEET TALKER® Viburnum

Close up of the light pink tubular flowers of Sweet Talker viburnum blooming on top of burgundy foliage

Sun or Shade, This Shrub Stays Looking and Smelling Sweet

Is that shady spot in your garden looking a little lackluster? You may be having trouble finding plants that do well in the shade and that look lush and beautiful at the same time. Kristina walks you through designing a shade garden and gives you a variety of plant recommendations in her “Design Tips + Plant Recs for the Shade Garden” blog. Sweet Talker® viburnum (Viburnum) is ready to take on any light levels in your garden from full sun to full shade (fall color is best with at least 4 hours of sun).

Close up of the light pink flowers of Sweet Talker viburnum

In spring, Sweet Talker® offers an abundance of tubular pale pink flowers that emit a lovely, sweet, spicy honey scent. Its thick, glossy, semi-evergreen foliage takes on burgundy tones in spring and fall, giving you year-round interest no matter where you place it in the garden. Use it as a specimen plant, a hedge, or even as a small tree.

Sweet Talker® viburnum is suited for milder climates, USDA zones 7-8. It’s a hard-working and easy-to-grow shrub– low maintenance is this beauty’s middle name!  It’s resistant to deer and viburnum beetle, and it’s heat and salt-tolerant. It grows to 8-10’ tall and 3-5’ wide. 

Pruning Sweet Talker® isn’t really recommended as it will affect flowering. If needed or desired, pruning in spring after flowering is best.

Garden Layout

If you’re planning a new garden this year or are looking to revive or expand an area in your existing garden, check out the video below. Kristina walks you through five steps for creating a garden layout. It’s a lot of work, but in the end, when you have a gorgeous garden that you designed yourself, it’ll all be worth it. You can also take a look at the blog version here.

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