Plant of the Week: THE VELVET FOG™ Smokebush

The Velvet Fog™? Why not?

Many of us are spending time today with family, and that can often include a round of “kids these days have terrible music.” Maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone at the table reminiscing about the original Velvet Fog.

Like the singer, the Cotinus is an adaptable and durable performer. Slip it into your 2020 playlist!

The Velvet Fog™ Cotinus coggygria was selected for its abundant pink flowers – they are a jazz club’s worth of smoke in the landscape. There’s some nice red coloration in the new growth, too.

This plant grows 5-8′ tall and wide and 6′ tall and will do best in full sun. Cotinus will tolerate some challenging conditions, including clay soils and drought. Just make sure the soil is well-drained.

Thank you!

Today is a day to give thanks, so the nursery is closed today.

We are thankful for each and every one of you who are part of our crazy horticulture world. Whether you grow, sell, or install plants, you’re making the world a better place every day.

You know who else makes the world a better place? Kids – especially kids learning how to build robots! Check out this awesome team from one of our local high schools. Spring Meadow Nursery is proud to be one of their sponsors. Take a break from football this afternoon and watch some real competition unfold…on the robotics playing field!

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