Plant of the Week: TINY QUICK FIRE™ Panicle hydrangea

The end of the season?

Yes, fall is here in West Michigan, and even our longest-blooming Hydrangea paniculata are winding down for the year.

So let’s talk about one of the first ones that you will see next spring! That would be Tiny Quick Fire™, a petite plant this is one of the earliest hydrangeas to flower in spring.

You can fit the diminutive Tiny Quick Fire™ hydrangea into most USDA 3-8 landscapes, which covers a lot of the continent. Like other H. paniculata, it flowers on new wood, and flower color isn’t affected by soil pH. Full sun in northern areas and part shade in warmer ones will keep it happy.

How tiny is tiny?

When we named it Tiny Quick Fire™, we were acknowledging that this plant grows just 1.5-3′ tall and 2-3′ wide. Yep, that’s pretty small. So small that you definitely won’t need to prune it to make it fit into a landscape.

But if you’ve got some bigger hydrangeas to tackle, check out these videos that my amazing co-workers created:

If you’re looking for a video about how to prune in the fall, we have that too! Check it out:

A lot of people ask us if they can prune their panicle hydrangea in the fall. Stacey tells you how and why in its video.

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