Plant of the Week: TORTUGA® Juniper.

You’ve been waiting all year for this weekend. This is the one we have marked on the calendar – the one where it’s crazy busy at garden centers and the nation’s bratwurst consumption reaches dangerous levels. OK, maybe the bratwurst thing is only in Wisconsin. You get the idea.

We’re all excited because Saturday is World Turtle Day!

And here’s the perfect plant to celebrate with: Tortuga juniper. This is a really tough selection of our native Juniperus communis. Not just durable but with a delightful texture and bright evergreen color.

So why call it Tortuga? Well, it’s shaped kind of like a turtle: 2′ tall and 3-4′ wide. OK, a big turtle.

And it’s hardy: USDA 2-7. That means it would survive up on Turtle Island, AKA Mackinac Island.

Juniperus communis is an adaptable plant: deer, salt, air pollution, mountain goats – no problem. The only problem with this plant: much like a real turtle, you’re going to have to wait for it. You can pre-order one on the Proven Winners website for next summer, but you’ll have to practice some patience in any case. But remember, the tortoise eventually beats the hare in that infamous race, so go ahead and plan for that juniper now!

An important weekend

It’s an important weekend, and not because of World Turtle Day or even because it’s a busy time for many in our industry.

The primary observance this weekend, of course, is Memorial Day, which honors those who died in military service. This is different than Veteran’s Day, which recognizes all who served in the armed forces. We may not have the traditional parades this year, but we can still take time to remember those who did not come home. Take care.

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