Plant of the Week: Tuff Stuff Top Fun™ Mountain Hydrangea

Tough, Vibrant, and Downright Fun!

I don’t know about you, but the plants that make me smile the most are the ones that are unique, whimsical, or just incredibly vibrant and eye-catching. I often look at these plants and can’t help but say, “That’s just so fun,” and the hydrangea I am telling you about today is definitely one of those plants. I’m talking about the newest member of the Tuff Stuff™ series of reblooming mountain hydrangeas: Tuff Stuff Top Fun™

Tuff Stuff Top Fun™ mountain hydrangea boasts vibrant lacecap blooms atop dark blue-green foliage.  The flowers can be a brilliant pink or a striking purple and rebloom through summer into fall. These brilliant blooms won’t only capture the attention of passersby; they will also have pollinators buzzing happily. Once the weather starts to cool in fall, the blue-green foliage begins to turn to a gorgeous dusty burgundy. 

Tuff Stuff Top Fun™ has a tidy habit, growing to just 2-3’ tall and wide, making it a great fit for any garden or landscape. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9, and at the cooler end of the range, it will do best with four to six hours of sun (it does benefit from some shade), and at the warmer end of the range, it will do best with afternoon shade. 

Let’s Talk Color and Maintenance

As I mentioned before, Tuff Stuff Top Fun™ can have pink or purple flowers, and that depends on the soil pH and the presence of aluminum. If you want to know more about that, check out Kristina’s How Hydrangeas Change Color blog, where she explains which hydrangeas change color and how they do it. 

Tuff Stuff Top Fun™ mountain hydrangea is an easy-care shrub and blooms on old and new wood. We don’t recommend any heavy pruning, but if you need to, follow the video below, where Stacey teaches you how to prune a Tuff Stuff™ mountain hydrangea. 

Have a great weekend!

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