Plant of the Week: VERY FINE WINE™ Weigela

Plants are how we can make the world better, so that’s what we’re going to do. Here’s another upgrade to help make 2021 better than 2020: Very Fine Wine™ Weigela.

Us with the clever names, right? Yes, this is an upgrade for Fine Wine®, which was, in turn, a tweak of Wine & Roses®. Fine Wine® had a following in colder climates because of its improved hardiness. Very Fine Wine has that great hardiness and improved flowering and foliage color.

Why should you care? Because it’s back – the Polar Vortex! Laugh with me, people. Weather doomscrolling is a nice change from the rest of the news.

This is a nice compact plant: just 2-2.5′ tall and wide. That size is useful for all sorts of landscapes and also makes for a nice presentation at retail.

This plant is a great choice for spring impulse sales. That combination of dark purple foliage and hot pink flowers is really appealing. Very Fine Wine conveniently flowers in spring, right when gardeners are looking for something to dress up their yard after a gloomy winter.

For the best color, you will want to plant it in full sun. Very Fine Wine™ is hardy in USDA 4-8.

Did someone say pink?

Yes! Pink is awesome! Even if you don’t want to wear it or paint your walls pink, I’ll bet there’s a pink flower or two in your garden. And it’s useful, too. Check out this great project using pink LED lights to both save money and speed up plant growth.

It’s not all theoretical: we have some of these lights right here at Spring Meadow Nursery.

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