Plant of the Week: ‘Viva Polonia’ Clematis

Following the footsteps of last week’s gorgeous Clematis, this week we’re featuring another beauty called ‘Viva Polonia.’

This is a beautiful, easy-to-grow clematis that flowers on old wood in June and July and then again on new wood later in the season. The large flowers are magenta red and accented by a white center star.

It’s a very showy plant that is sure to delight gardeners in USDA 4-9. Although it will grow in either full sun or part shade, try not to plant it where it can get overheated.

Polish pride

‘Viva Polonia’ was developed by Szczepan Marczynski of Poland. It’s a fitting plant for this week as we celebrate Pulaski Days here in West Michigan. General Pulaski Memorial Day is October 11. Other areas celebrate his birthday in spring. Why? Because this hero of the American Revolution is also the father of the U.S. Calvary.

Landscape Road Show

If you enjoy Polish food, you owe it to yourself to visit Chicago, where there’s a huge Polish-American population and an abundance of great Polish food.

And plants!

If you happen to be in the landscaping business, do yourself a favor and attend the Midwest Groundcovers Landscape Roadshow on November 2. Here’s more info:

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