Plant of the Week: YIN™ and YANG™ Viburnum

This week’s plant is actually a pair of viburnum called Yin™ and Yang™. They are named after the iconic Chinese symbol that represents the contrary forces of nature and how they work together. And these plants definitely work together!

Yin™ and YangViburnum are new hybrids of V. davidii and V. propinquum that combine the best traits of each species into a great production viburnum.

Both Yin™ and Yang™ will grow nicely without tons of pruning, making them easy to maintain in gardens and landscapes. They are taller and faster growing than V. davidii and have the added heat tolerance of V. propinquum.

You want both of them because you need them to pollinate one another in order to get the blue fruit in fall. They’re handsome enough without fruit, though. The thick, glossy evergreen leaves are attractive year-round.

Yes, these are plants for warm climates: they grow as far north as USDA 7b. Both are low-growing plants ideal for mass planting or even foundations. Yin grows 2-4′ tall and 4′ wide; Yang just 2′ tall and 4′ wide. They will both do well in part shade.

Both of these elegant plants were developed by Dr. Tom Ranney of NCSU.

Speaking of contrary forces of nature…

This year’s high school seniors have an epic graduation story: cap and gown, pandemic edition. The absence of in-person ceremonies has left us with some clever workarounds, like parades of seniors in decorated cars and graduations on Facebook. Hopefully, they are successful in creating some sense of order in the chaos of our times.

Music can also be helpful in restoring the order of our inner selves. The ’80s brought us this gem, perfect for celebrating two new Viburnum: Love and Rockets’, “Yin and Yang (The Flowerpot Man).” Ah, yes. The ’80s were weird. Enjoy.

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