Plant of the Week: YUKI SNOWFLAKE® Deutzia

Close up on a heavily blooming Yuki Snowflake® deutzia in a container

The Only Spring Snowflakes I Want to See

It’s officially spring! If you’re planning on adding new plants to your garden, make sure you check out Kristina’s “What to Expect from a New Planted Shrub” blog. It walks you through the process of planting a new shrub, what you can expect, and how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise so you can ensure your new shrubs are set up for success. As things begin waking up in your garden, take the time to enjoy your spring bloomers! Spring bloomers like deutzia! 

A mass planting of Yuki Snowflake deutzia blooming heavily in a landscape

While I have had quite enough snowflakes the past few months, I’ll never have too much of Yuki Snowflake® Deutzia (Deutzia). This beauty is covered with charming white flowers in spring. This adorable mounded shrub looks fabulous in many rolls in the garden, but one of my favorites is a mass planting. Just imagine a walkway lined with mounds of white flowers in spring, and then in fall, those mounds take on attractive fall color. 

Yuki Snowflake® grows to 1-2’ tall and wide and is suited for USDA zones 5-8. Plant this beauty in full or part sun. If you’re in a warm climate, it’s best to give it a bit of shade. If you need more reason to love this shrub, it’s deer-resistant, pollinator-friendly, and drought-tolerant once established. 

There is no need to prune Yuki Snowflake®, as it maintains its neat, mounded habit naturally. However, if you’d like to prune it, do so in spring after it’s finished flowering. 

Pet-Friendly Gardens

Do you share your garden with a furry friend? I have two German Shepherds who share my space, so I know it can be a struggle to maintain a garden that both you and your pets can enjoy, but it’s not impossible. I’ve put together a list of five tips you can use to create a dog-friendly garden. For those who have a cat, I also have five tips for creating a cat-friendly garden. And no worries, deutzia is both cat and dog-friendly!

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