Plant of the Week: LOW SCAPE MOUND® Aronia

Any Day Now

It can be a little discouraging when bright sunny days are followed by sudden temperature drops and random blasts of snow, but rest assured, spring is crawling its way to us. My daffodils and tulips are starting to sprout, giving me hope that the worst of winter is over and spring flowers will start blooming any day now.  

The Low Down

If you’re looking to add a small plant that makes a big impact on your landscape this spring, look no further than Low Scape Mound® Aronia. This compact native plant is one tough shrub, perfect for low-maintenance mass plantings. 

Low Scape Mound® chokeberry is smaller than other varieties – it’s just 1-2′ tall and wide. This makes it a great size for many landscape uses. (If you need something a little bigger, check out Low Scape Snowfire® Aronia)

Low Scape Mound® shines in your landscape for more than just one season! White flowers cover the plant in the spring, it produces black fruit in summer, and in the fall, its foliage shines bright red and orange. 

More Reasons to Love Low Scape Mound® Aronia

  • Compact
  • Adaptable to most soils, including wet, dry, and somewhat compacted
  • Salt tolerant
  • Can be planted in sun or partial shade
  • Hardy – USDA 3-9
  • Multi-season interest
  • Native
  • Supports wildlife populations – birds like the fruit, although they may not get around to eating it until later in the season

Shrub Madness 2023

The championship is here! The battle comes down to 2 amazing hydrangeas: Let’s Dance Sky View® bigleaf hydrangea and Puffer Fish® panicle hydrangea. Which hydrangea will come out on top and be crowned the 2023 World Champion? You have until midnight to cast your final votes.

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