SKY BOX®, PATTI O BOX® Japanese holly

If you like ‘Sky Pencil,’ check out Sky Box® Ilex crenata.

It’s faster growing than ‘Sky Pencil’ and has a similarly narrow, columnar habit. In mild climates, it makes an outstanding container planting, but at the northern part of its range (USDA 6-8), you’ll want to plant it in the ground.

The glossy evergreen foliage and tight branching make it a great option for hedges. It grows 4-5′ tall and 2-3′ wide.

Patti O Box® is a sister plant to Sky Box®. Both of these Ilex crenata come to us from Maryland plantsman Mike Farrow, a longtime friend and customer of Spring Meadow Nursery.

Patti O Box® is narrower than Sky Box®, growing just 1-2′ wide and 4-5′ tall.

Both of these plants are nice alternatives to boxwood and excellent landscape plants in their own right.

Happy Boxing Day!

We don’t typically celebrate Boxing Day here in the U.S., but many of our Canadian friends do.

As with so many holidays, it seems that something that started with a real observance (giving boxes of cash and gifts to servants) has turned into an excuse for a shopping spree – happy hunting!

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